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Optical 3D metrology has been established in biomechanics for dynamic analyses of implants and prostheses, but also of bones, tendons, and ligaments. During strain, load, and fatigue tests, the mechanical properties of biomaterials and their behavior under load are analyzed. Sporting goods manufacturers also use GOM systems to analyze new materials and to develop innovative products from the new materials. Furthermore, GOM’s 3D scanner provides full-field geometric data to inspect medical devices made of plastics and for further processing in CAD/CAM processes in dentistry.


GOM's ATOS 3D digitizer precisely records the actual size and shape of persons or objects and, at the same time, detects deformations of any kind. It then visualizes, analyzes, and documents the results. In addition to the precise 3D image, ATOS also records high-resolution color textures.

The technology from GOM can help investigators determine what kind of weapon was used in a crime, how injuries were caused, what shoe matches footprints at the scene, or how specific damage was caused in an accident.


Dense and precise 3D scan data from GOM's ATOS 3D digitizer provide the perfect database for planning successful orthodontic treatment. Dental braces can be designed with a perfect fit, and the progress of treatment can be measured objectively. ATOS scan data is precise and can be down streamed accurately to enable smooth and seamless integration in CAD software packages and rapid prototyping processes.


GOM's ATOS 3D digitizing system provides sound and reliable input when it comes to scanning plaster models for dental CAD/CAM process chains. In addition to scanning dental casts in 3D, GOM software can be used to calculate alignments, measurements, and comparisons of shapes and dimensions for dental implants. CAD operations are designed on the basis of high-quality data so that the implants themselves can be machined and set up with the necessary precision.

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